Wine Tasting & Picnics: Series Intro

Wine tasting & picnics, who’d have thought such a civilised combination could be so tot friendly?!

Whilst in California we visited some of it’s many fine wine regions, not realising before our trip quite how many there were! 12 regions in total, running almost the full length of California. Many of these wineries are relaxed affairs with gardens amongst the vines featuring picnic facilities. Touring in Autumn, mostly mid week we were able to enjoy the wineries off peak, often having almost the entire place to ourselves! This was perfect for our requirements, since they were quiet we were able to mostly take each tasting outside to accompany our picnic, allowing our tot to roam free rather than trying to keep her cooped up in a tasting room whilst we listen to the tasting notes. This combination of wine tasting and picnics was win-win, happy adults, happy tot.

The other beauty about doing this in California is that you can, as we did, enjoy one day touring a wine region and the next on the beach, our 2 favourite activities, perfect!

Since we visited a few different wine regions it makes for a lengthy single post so i’ve broken this into a series covering each area, also allowing for more to added in future…

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  1. What a fab idea to put this together as a series. I travelled to Napa pre-kids but my best friend is in California so would love to head back out with them. Thanks for linking up to #MondayEscapes

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