Wine Tasting & Picnics: Los Olivos, California

Fess Parker (Featured Image)

Fess Parker was a hollywood actor, most famous for his role as Davey Crocket. Before our time so admittedly I had no idea before we stopped here. I also had no idea it had featured in the movie ‘Sideways’ until we were informed by another customer on a pilgrimage to all the wineries in the movie. This is where the main guy in the movie drank the contents of the spittoon so the winery’s name was not used!

The tasting room is very spacious, done up almost like a log cabin inside and outdoors there is a beautiful big lawn with picnic tables catering well to our needs. Nice wines too.

Andrew Murray

This winery was very close to Fess Parker so we popped in after our picnic. There’s lots of outdoor seating and they do have corn ball which is always a plus, but the seating is all rather close to the car park so need to keep an eye on the wee one. Although I didn’t think it was the best setup for a tot, they actually sell kids toys inside so they must be kid friendly!

It was quiet so again we were able to take our tasting outside. The tasting itself however was a little impersonal with very little information provided.


This winery has again plenty of outdoor seating and the tasting was allowed to be enjoyed outside with your own picnic. It felt like a very homely setup in the tasting room, quite small and very friendly. They even let you keep your wine glass!

Not too much roaming space for a tot since it’s all seating really, but a relaxed atmosphere so it worked nicely.


A beautiful setting, it is in fact where the featured image for this series of posts was taken (below). We visited here post Fess Parker and Andrew Murray so it was later in the afternoon and very quiet. There is plenty of outdoors seating in the beautiful garden surrounded by vineyards. There’s also a section of the garden without seating that was perfect for our tot to run around. Although we had already had our picnic, it would be possible to have one here and they don’t mind the tasting being brought outside to accompany it either.


This was our last winery visit of the Californian leg of our trip and again ticked all the boxes providing the perfect fusion of wine tasting, picnic and happy tot. The wine tasting room is very large, with an informal feel. Through the wine tasting room it opens out to a large garden with a few picnic tables where we were able to enjoy our tasting.

Bonus points for the home-made chocolates they also sold.

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