Wine Tasting & Picnics: Paso Robles, California

We only passed through Paso Robles, visiting 2 wineries en route, as reviewed below.

Halter Ranch

This was our first stop in Paso Robles. It was the weekend so much busier than we’d been used to and this turned out to be a big operation. The tasting room itself was packed but we did fortunately manage to get a table in the courtyard outside. Not an ideal setup for a tot even on a quiet day since there were no grassy areas to roam.

Plus points we were able to take the tasting to the courtyard but the tasting itself was a very impersonal affair, young staff repeating tasting notes word for word.

We got rather lucky when an older boy took a shine to our wee one which kept her happily entertained for the duration.


Our second stop in Paso Robles and I rather wish it was our first. It’s a beautiful Hampton style building with lots of outdoor seating. It was rather busy again being the weekend but we managed to get a seat near a small grassy patch before the vineyards begin, so our tot had some roaming space. We were able to bring the tasting outside and the wines were really superb. I believe it has been bought by the Fiji water company so all tastings were washed down with a complimentary bottle of their water.

Whilst it was workable with a tot and the staff were nice and accommodating I think this place would be best enjoyed as an adult affair, taking the whole afternoon over it with dinner in their rather nice looking restaurant too.

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