Tokyo Strolling: Series Intro

The general perception of Tokyo, as a city of 14 million, is busy, busy, busy. At rush hour on the train, yes, this is accurate BUT… there are so many lovely residential and boutiquey pockets to the city that completely shatter this image. I loved nothing more than spending my time strolling around Tokyo with wee one (from birth to 1), hopping from play area to tot friendly cafe* en route.

There are many little circuits that I enjoyed, too many for one post, so I’ve created a series of posts ‘Tokyo Strolling’ covering my favourite neighbourhoods, where to eat, where to play and how to connect them together for a days outing. I hope you can enjoy these as much I did.

Our apartment in Tokyo was in Meguro, so it is from this location that all my strolls began. We were in a tall building in the middle of lower residential blocks and houses making for wonderful sweeping views over the sprawling city, all to the backdrop of iconic Mount Fuji (see featured image). I miss this view a LOT! Meguro itself isn’t really on the tourist trail, apart from for Scandi/Japanese furniture enthusiasts flocking to Meguro-dori (aka furniture street). It is however a very convenient spot surrounded by some wonderful neighbourhoods and all just 2 stops from the famous lights and crossings of busy Shibuya on the Yamanote Line (much like the Circle Line in London, only clean and reliable…).

All strolls began with coffee perfection from Switch Coffee which we were blessed to have on our doorstep. With coffee in hand my day could begin, now just to decide which route to take…

Coming Soon….

*A couple of points to note:

Highchairs in restaurants in Tokyo appear a lot less frequently than in other western cities so if your tot does need a highchair then it’s good to perhaps research an eating spot before you set out for the day, or take a tot-seat or similar out with you.

I must confess that most of my restaurant recommendations are in fact for western cuisine, terrible I know, but they generally are more tot-friendly since the really authentic Japanese eateries tend to be smoky joints with counter seating.


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