Parkdale & Mordialloc: A Perfect Day in the Sun

Just a cycle away down the coastal road, we wanted to try the Parkdale Beach Cafe & Kiosk after recommendation from a friend. As always when with wee one in tow, I was on the hunt for tot-friendly activities in the area to couple with a brunch stop. We ended up having a wonderful day spread across Parkdale and neighbouring Mordialloc, a combination I suspect we will be repeating many times. With stand-out food, sweeping panoramic bay views, wide beaches reminiscent of our touring in California only coupled with perfectly calm, shallow, emerald waters and an awesome play park, I was pinching myself this wasn’t just a holiday.

Parkdale Beach Cafe & Kiosk

This cafe had been recommended by a friend for its great food and views over the water. This sounded ideal and it was. An understandably popular spot on a Sunday late morning, the place was buzzing but seemingly able to accommodate the numbers with only a short wait. The seats outside are mostly shaded and face blissfully directly out to sea. There is also nice seating inside for days when a bit of air con is appreciated. We had half hoped our wee one would drop off to sleep before parking up at the cafe so we strolled on the beach path in front of the cafe for a hopeful stretch. The appeal of the beach proved far too distracting however and a nap was not to be, so we headed back to the takeaway kiosk of the cafe for some coffees and treats to enjoy on the beach.

The kiosk menu is limited when you’ve already eyed up the full menu. We ended up ordering bircher muesli and a sticky date muffin which they warmed through. I didn’t quite feel like either of these, but turned out they were both so delicious we had no problem polishing off the lot very quickly. This was us now installed on the beach below the cafe for the best part of the day.

Peter Scullin Reserve

After a wonderful few hours on the beach in Parkdale we decided it time to stroll 15 mins down the coast to Mordialloc in search of a play park. En route we strolled past Mordialloc beach which was very reminiscent of the wide, sandy beaches of California.  We had maxed out on beach time however and a play park had been promised so we continued on past. Soon we could smell barbies on the go serving up various parties underway in the park in the center of which was a large, covered nautical themed (SS Scullin) play park. Perfect, that was the wee one happy for the next while.

Tommy Ruff

Starting to get hungry, the thought of fish and chips over a store cupboard dinner was a little too tempting. Typing ‘fish and chips’ into Google provided a couple of options very nearby. Reading the reviews, Tommy Ruff looked pretty stand-out and it sure was!

Grilled fish and rice for the tot went down  so well one spoon just wasn’t sufficient to shovel it in fast enough. No idea how they got so much flavor into the rice. We both opted for the ‘Spiked’ fish burger, Southern fried with chipotle mayo. Hands down, Best.Fish.Burger.Ever. YUM. We will be back.

Cool decor, relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for post beach dining. Booster seats available.

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