Travel Essentials for a Coffee Addict

 The morning coffee is a non-negotiable, essential start to a successful day. Throw little people and travel logistics into the mix and if you can’t get a decent caffeine fix in your accommodation then the search for it becomes priority number one upon leaving (if indeed you make it out for the day at all).

When packing for 4 months of travel, our space was limited but we made allowances for the following 3 pieces of coffee kit (from left to right as pictured above). We were thankful for them every morning


Extremely easy to use, even quicker to clean, the Aeropress produces a rich and flavourful coffee that can rival any other brewing method. Part plunger, part vacuum press, but really it’s just a simple piece of suitably portable kit. There are various different brew methods that can be found online if you do want to get creative with it.

The Aeropress has been a stalwart of my coffee brewing arsenal for many years now. Interesting fact, it was invented by engineer Alan Adler, of Aerobie Frisbee fame!

Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

Ok, so this coffee grinder perhaps wasn’t necessary, but it’s a lovely piece of kit. Furthermore it tucks neatly inside the AeroPress for ultimate portability. This grinder has a ceramic burr that runs a little cooler than a steel equivalent. For connoisseurs/fanatics, the extra heat produced by a steel burr can apparently impact negatively on the resulting flavour.

I rather enjoyed buying beans from local coffee roasters as we travelled. And although grinding beans introduces a lag to ones morning coffee intake, it makes for a satisfying ritual.

DISK Coffee Filter by Able Brewing

The Aeropress uses small circular paper filters which I have travelled with before. The silver DISK Coffee Filter from Able Brewing however provides a much more elegant and transportable solution. There is further argument to say that this filter can also improve the quality of the resulting coffee. It allows more fines into the brew than a paper filter, increasing body, without removing any the oils present in coffee, improving the overall flavour. I can’t say I did a side by side comparison or that my caffeine starved palette in the morning would really pick up on such nuances, but I can vouch for the resulting brew being satisfyingly effective.


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